What Patients Say

Cronic low back pain:

I used to be a very fit and active person until I became a young chronic pain sufferer. I had tried many different things including physiotherapy, ultrasound, chiropractors, many types of medication, TENS, hot/cold packs, facet joint injections and more to ease the long term unbearable back pain. I was at my whits end, giving up hope and was told I would have to live with this unbearable pain for the rest of my life as there was nothing more they could do - which was devastating! Then I decided to try South Lakes Osteopathy. The Osteopath, Ed, was friendly, professional, experienced and knowledgeable about the body and the treatment. He put me at ease after all I had been through. He investigated every detail, from what caused my pain to what eased the pain - to determine what the problem might be. Ed was the first person I felt who really cared, empathized and wanted to help me. There was vast improvement after the first session. Now 6 sessions on I am like a new person and able to move and live without pain. I am happier, healthier, able to live life again and cannot believe the difference Ed and his treatment has made! I highly recommend Ed Snoad. So much so my mother is now having treatment too. What a difference it has made to my life! Cannot thank you enough Ed.
Nicky, Coniston

Long-term low back & pelvic pain and stiffness:

Hi Ed, I’m just back from my trip this afternoon. I am very pleased to tell you that my back feels so much better… it is quite unbelievable! I am so happy. I was working with very heavy equipment etc. and it was absolutely fine; hardly any stiffness at all! Thanks!
Mrs S. Arnefield, Nr Kendal

Chronic shoulder pain on movement with restricted shoulder mobility:

About six months ago I damaged my shoulder in an attempt to impress my 
neighbour’s dog by demonstrating how far I could throw her ball. As soon as the 
ball left my arm I felt a sharp, tearing pain in my right shoulder, but thought 
that it would go away after a while. Three months later, not only had it not gone away, it was actually worse and I was getting concerned that I had done a permanent damage. Then I got in contact with an osteopath, Ed Snoad. 
Already, after the first treatment my condition had improved about 40-50% which I was very impressed with. I have now had about 6 or 7 treatments, and each time the improvement has been significant. My shoulder is more or less back to normal now, and I have been very impressed with Ed's treatments and would certainly recommend him to anybody.
Mr S. Gyldner, Ambleside

Neck pain and spasms as a result of whiplash injury:

I consulted Ed after having had a bad whiplash incident which had caused my neck muscles to go into spasm. I was in a lot of pain and could hardly move my neck and arms without aggravating the spasms and making the pain a lot worse. Driving was impossible for me, which was a problem as driving was part of my job. I had a total of three treatments with Ed. At the end of the first treatment the spasms had stopped and didn’t come back. My neck movement had also improved. By the end of the second session I would say I was 70% better. I was even able to drive for 3 hours without any pain, just slight stiffness at the end of the day. After my third and final treatment with Ed, I was completely recovered! I would not have thought it was possible to recover so fast from such a debilitating condition. Just one week after being unable to move without discomfort, I was 95% pain free! I would definitely recommend Ed to anyone with similar muscular pain.
Mr A. Wilkinson, Kendal

Low back pain with sciatica:

I had been suffering with very painful sciatica down my right leg. I came to see Ed after reading on his website that he treated sciatic pain. The pain had been slowly getting worse over a period of 6 months, and it was really affecting me badly. Especially at night when the pain was worst. Ed treated my low back and worked to gently improve my movement and to reduce the pressure on the trapped nerves. He was very helpful and informative and even suggested certain positions to place the lower part of my spine in at night, which reduced the level of the pain I was getting. I had a total of 5 treatments with Ed and I am very pleased to say that I now no longer suffer with the sciatica and can sleep through the night without pain. It has improved the quality of my life greatly. I wish I’d been to see the Osteopath earlier now!
Mrs C. Hall, Kendal

Tennis Elbow – Repetitive strain injury

I am a regular squash player and had been suffering from a recurring problem that I had diagnosed as tennis elbow by my GP, which came on after I had been in intensive training for a club tournament. I had been to see a number of different osteopaths and a chiropractor near my home town and they had all tried different treatments for my injury. Unfortunately the pain kept coming back each time I played squash. I was starting to accept that this would be the best recovery I would get, and that I would just have to get used to living with the problem if I wanted to continue playing. Then I was in the Lake District on holiday when I had a particularly bad flare-up from lifting our suitcases. This was how I came across South Lakes Osteopathy. I had two treatments with Ed over the course of a week and the change even after the first treatment was dramatic compared to what I had been used to. Ed used a treatment method I had not come across before, but it helped no end! I would say the pain was reduced by 60% just a few hours after the first treatment, and 90% better after the end of the second. I have now played squash regularly for the last 2 months with a huge reduction in pain. I now only get mild flare-ups after a hard game, but even these subside very quickly. If I’d not seen Ed I may have been forced to give up squash altogether, so I am very grateful for his treatment and knowledge.
Mr D Coates, Surrey